New Jersey Carpenters Reciprocal

For Carpenters who worked out of area and who are affiliated with Local Unions participating in the Northeast Carpenters Health and/or Pension Funds, otherwise known as the Home Funds.

Listed below are the areas where reciprocal agreements are in effect for the transfer of monies. Upon receipt of a completed form, we will request the transfer of monies. Once you have submitted a signed Transfer Request Form, the Fund Office can use that form each time you work in a new outside area. However, you must notify the Fund Office immediately when you go to work in an outside area.

New York Recips and Pennsylvania Recips
Hudson Valley DC Of Carpenters Funds
Carpenters Pension Fund Of Western PA
New York City DC Of Carpenters Funds
Carpenters Of Western PA Medical Plan
South Central NY DC Of Carpenters Funds
Carpenters Funds Of PA & Vicinity
Finger Lakes DC Of Carpenters Funds
Western PA Heavy Construction Industry Welfare & Pension Funds
Rochester Carpenters Welfare Pension And S.U.B. Funds
Local 191 Funds
Albany, Schenectady, Troy & Vicinity DC Of Carpenters Benefit Funds
Carpenters LU 261 Welfare & Annuity Funds(Scranton)
Local 964 Funds, Rockland County Local 492 Funds(Reading)
Onondaga County Carpenters Funds Building Trades Health & Welfare Fund & Keystone Carpenters Pension Fund (Harrisburg)
Suburban NY Regional Council Of Carpenters
Adirondack & Vicinity DC Of Carpenters Funds(Watertown)

Other Recips
Washington, DC Carpenters Funds
Local 626 Wilmington, Delaware
Local 2012 Pension Fund (Wilmington Delaware)
Chem. Valley DC Of Carpenters Pension Fund (West Virginia & Western Maryland)
Construction Industry Insurance Fund Of Western Maryland & West Virginia
Carpenters Funds Of Baltimore & Vicinity (Marlyland)
Twin City Carpenters Funds (Bloomington, Minnesota)
Wisconsin State Carpenters Welfare & Pension Funds
Local 1310 Carpenters Funds (Missouri)
Northern New England Carpenters Funds (New Hampshire, Vermont & Maine)
LU 260, Berkshire City Welfare Fund (Massachusetts)
Cleveland & Vicinity
DC Hospitalization Fund (Ohio)
Ohio Carpenters Pension Fund
Ohio Valley Carpenters DC Health & Welfare & Pension Funds
Connecticut Carpenters Health Fund
Carpenters Local 144 Health, Welfare & Retirement Fund (Macon, Georgia)
Arkansas Carpenters Health & Pension Funds
Millwrights & Machinery LU 1545 (Delaware)
Boston & Eastern Massachusetts Carpenters Health & Welfare Funds
Construction Industry & Carpenters Joint Pension Trust (South Nevada)
Northwest Indiana & Vicinity Carpenters