Northeast Carpenters Health Fund

The Board of Trustees of the Northeast Carpenters Health Fund is pleased to announce a partnership with Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey. Effective 10/1/06, the Health Fund has entered into an agreement to provide the national BlueCard PPO program for all fund participants. This is a seamless network that affords our membership the ability to use any network doctor or network hospital nationwide. Members who are traveling, or living in another state will have access to 600,000 network doctors and over 6,100 hospitals in 50 states.

Your BCBS ID card has an easy identifiable PPO in a suitcase logo. To protect your privacy, all participants have been assigned a new random ID number. Therefore, for billing purposes, it is very important for each member to present this new card when visiting any provider.

To find a BCBS BlueCard PPO provider: Click on the link below:

or you can call 1-800-810-BLUE (1-800-810-2583), or call the fund office if you need further assistance.

Be advised that the following benefits ARE NOT handled by BCBS, as they are managed separately by the Health Fund:

            • PRESCRIPTIONS (use the MEDCO card)

Voluntary Coverage

(Dental, Vision, Hearing)

The voluntary dental, vision and hearing aid programs available to our members are being continued for the upcoming Plan Year. Please remember that these are voluntary programs in which you may or may not wish to participate. The programs are not administered by the Health Fund, nor is the Fund responsible for the services these programs provide. All administration and payments for these benefits, including the enrollment process, are transacted directly between the member and the carrier. It is your responsibility to make sure you understand the guidelines of any program, prior to your enrollment. These programs have been reviewed by the Health Fund, and we believe they offer substantial value to members who wish to enroll. Please evaluate them carefully to ensure they provide coverage that is appropriate for your family. Remember, members are responsible for the entire cost of this voluntary coverage. The premium cost is reimbursable under the HRA, provided funds are available.

Listed below is contact information for these voluntary benefit programs:

Cigna Dental
Contact - John Blasch at 917-439-9173 (cell)

Smile Solutions
Contact - Jeff Motto at 800-982-5529

Davis Vision
Contact - Toll Free Customer Service at 888-444-5616

Epic Hearing
Contact - Toll Free Customer Service at 866-956-5400

When inquiring about any of these programs, please indicate that you are a member of the Northeast Carpenters Health Fund. Also, please be aware that the Delta Dental Program has a limited enrollment period, beginning March 1st and ending May 15th.