The Northeast Carpenters Health Fund

Pre-authorization is required for all mental health and substance abuse services(except outpatient treatment with a non-participating provider).

Finding a Provider: Use the listing below to choose an outpatient provider. The network of participating providers for behavioral health is different from those for medical services. You must use this listing to search for behavioral health providers instead of the Blue Cross Blue Shield website.

Obtaining Authorization: After you make your appointment, contact our behavior health department at 732-417-0300 x3, and provide the following information. You may leave this information on this confidential voice mail.

  • name of chosen provider
  • date of the first appointment
  • name of the patient
  • insurance ID#

If you need assistance choosing a provider, the NJC Fund has a designated, confidential phone line to assist our members. Call 1-732-417-0300 x1. All phone calls are handled with strict confidentiality. If you call during business hours, a licensed psychologist will help you determine what type of treatment would best serve you and assist you in finding participating providers in your area to suit your particular needs.

Substance Abuse and More Intensive Mental Health Services: In addition to outpatient therapy and psychiatric treatment, the behavior health network includes services for more intensive psychiatric treatment (inpatient, partial hospitalization, and intensive outpatient programs) and all types of substance abuse treatment (inpatient detoxification and rehabilitation, intensive outpatient programs). To access these services, you must speak with the behavioral health department at 732-417-0300.

Level 1 covers inpatient treatment only, outpatient services only for Level 2.
All authorized treatment at a participating facility is covered in full for the following services: inpatient mental health, inpatient detoxification, inpatient rehab for substance abuse, partial hospitalization, and intensive outpatient services.
All authorized outpatient psychotherapy and medication treatment with an in-network provider is covered with a $10 copayment. Outpatient psychotherapy and medication treatment with an out-of-network provider is covered at 80% of NJCF fee schedule. The deductible applies to medication treatment. Out of pocket expense is minimized by using in-network providers.

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